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N9379 Eastridge Drive
Berlin, WI 54923
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At Berlin Self Storage we offer units in 6x8, 10x10, and 10x20 foot sizes to meet your storage needs. How much can that store?


Unit Size

Monthly Rate

Will fit…

6' x 8''
14 sq. ft.
$40.00 Furnishings from a one bedroom apartment: appliances, boxes and extras.

10' x 10'
100 sq. ft.


Furnishings from a one or two bedroom apartment/house: appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and extras.

10' x 20'
200 sq. ft.


Furnishings from a three or four bedroom apartment/house: appliances, patio furniture, office suite garage extras and miscellaneous items or a boat or car and motorcycle.

 Keeping Your Belongings Protected
  • Place belongings on plastic or pallets to raise items from the floor
  • Leave air space around the perimeter of items to aid ventilation
  • Use mattress and furniture dust covers/bags
  • Leave a walkway to the rear of your unit for easy access
  • Make an inventory and/or take pictures of your stored items
  • Confirm and/or PURCHASE INSURANCE for your stored belongings
  • Tuck fabric softener strips around items such as sofas,etc. It is a natural rodent deterrent.
  • Use an open bag of charcoal (plain charcoal, NOT infused with a lighter aid) as a natural dehumidifier

Why Berlin Self Storage?





Brand new, clean, perfectly maintained facility!

Several unit sizes at low monthly rates! Additional discounts and specials available! Selecting a place to store your stuff is easy with Berlin Self Storage. Contact us today and start storing your stuff NOW!

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